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Azealia Banks performing in the sky at last weekend’s Festival Bash

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"She’s really pretty for a black girl"


“He’s really cool for a gay guy”


“She’s doing really well for a woman”


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azealia finally tweeted something, as if nothing happened image


Yolandi Visser and Azealia Banks need to do a song together about how much Interscope sucks. I would die.


Robyn needs to calm the fuck down

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Gay rapper Maxal Tha Best get’s ready to finish the recording process for his debut EP Glass Children, releasing on June 30th!

Read an interview with him on Guyspy Here

Check out his music here

He recently described himself, “I’m a gay, white rapper, from Penticton BC, which is absolutely no place for a gay, white rapper to be. I’ve lived (and performed, and garnered an audience and partied in) Edmonton and Vancouver, and had a great time, and met great people, but I’m #superbroke right now, so I’m living with my parents recording my EP in my bedroom and smoking a pack and a half a day because I have nothing better to do. Well. We all have something better to do. “


omg i have 212 followers  in celebration im gonna leak my album yesterday (but not actually), bring back jelly shoes and call lily allens children ugly 

Robyn is filling the void Azealia Banks left.

I still stan for Azealia.


Broke with Expensive Taste Promo Vid

Can’t just sit here and listen to Fantasea all day. Hope we get something tonight.


Ugh me


One tab open to the Azealia Banks tag the other open to her twitter page…

sitting here like